Biology/Microbiology Laboratory

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Biology/Microbiology Laboratory

Based on the Trisakti University policy that focus on the ‘Urban University”, the graduates hoped from  the Program Environmental Technology should be able to solve the Environmental problems, especially the urban environment, as the result of many people activities in the big town as Jakarta.
In operating the education, the Environmental Technology program applies the activities – in class activities, practice in the laboratory, practice drawing/studio, working practice and soon. Especially to the practice implementation, it needs a natural laboratory absolutely to fulfill the students’ need, even in practice, thesis or research facilities to lecturers, and also to serve people.
The biology and microbiology laboratories from the Environmental Technology program have been opened to serve students, lecturers, and public who need those since the even semester 1998/1999. The laboratory activities have been done such as:
  • Introduction to Biology and Microbiology parameters
  • Studying the working technique in the microbiology laboratory
  • Studying the growing of microbe and the factor influenced
  • Studying the roles as bio indicator and biocatalyzator
The aims to do the biology and microbiology laboratory at the Environmental Technology program are for :
1. Serve students to biology and microbiology practice.
2. Serve students to do their thesis
3. Develop science for lecturers around the Environmental Technology Program
4. Supply facilities to serve for public

The Practice Values consists of Some Factors
1. Preparation, consists of discipline and making journal;
2. Quiz, before practicing time
3. Practice, consists of skills, accuracy, quickness, cleanliness, and discipline in working
4. Report, it is an assignment, observation result or report, consists of presentation technique, calculation, discussion and conclusion.
5. Mid Term Test (written)
6. Final Term Test (written)
The values for each factor are based on the table below:
Table 1. Values for Practice
MID TEST (written)
FINAL TEST (written)
5 %
7,5 %
25 %
12,5 %
20 %
30 %
Total 100 %
Passing Requirements
Practical students will pass/finish the Environmental Biology/Microbiology Practice, if their grades based on the table are not less than C.                                                                                    
For those who haven’t completed the requirements based on the table must repeat depending on their needs.                                                                                                                                        
1. Before starting every practice, students have to study every practical procedure (study from the practical direction book) that will be tested in short quiz for 15 minutes.
2. Before practicing, students get the briefing about the analyst procedure to every parameter measured.
3. Students measure and analyze with assistants
4. Take a note to every observation collected in practice
5. Calculate the experiment practice results from the observation results.
6. Make a report that will be submitted to the next practice.

1. Make an application to the Head of Laboratory with the permission of the Head of the Program and the Thesis Supervisor.
2. After Being Agreed by the Head of the Laboratory based on the provided room and equipment, students can start doing the thesis in the laboratory.
3. . Students can apply an application to borrow equipment from the laboratory staffs.
4. If students need the laboratory out of the working hours or holiday, they should apply the application to the Faculty General Division to get the agreement from the Dean.
5. Students should return back or pay for the damaged equipment to the staffs after the    research has been finished, clean the equipment and the place for the research provided in the laboratory.

Once a week the Biology and Microbiology practices at the Environmental Technology Program will be done at certain times, or depend on the need for practice materials such as the observation to microbe, the observation to the behavior of the bio indicator and so on so there is another time out of the practical hours where the students do the observation based on the agreement with the assistants, students and the laboratory staffs who will prepare all students need.

            The practice materials for the environmental biology and microbiology are:
Chapter 1. Microbiology Laboratory Technology
Practice 1
  • Laboratory Techniques
  • Microscope Introduction
  • Sterilization of materials and tools
  • Prepare  Medium
  • Microbe Isolate of solid and liquid (water, land, air)
 Preservation of Conserved Morphology
            (bacteria, fungus, protozoa, virus, microalga)              
Practice 2

1. Check the result of the  purifying isolate
2. Identify the microbe :
Some coloring techniques :
a. Simple Coloring
b. Gram Coloring
c. Negative Coloring
d. Spore Coloring                                                                                                                                                                                   

Duplicating the subculture to the sloping medium NA

Practice 3
1. Identify the microbes: forming pigment (demonstration)
2. Identify the microbes: forming motions (including to study the medium based on the phase)
3. Identify the microbes: the ecology of the microbes

The microbes interaction with abiotic factors :
  • a. the effect of the antibiotic substance
  • b. the effect of  sunlight
  • c. the effect of metal (the mass of oligodinamic)
Duplicating liquid cultures 100 ml

Practice 4
1. Identify the microbes: the microbes ecology
    The microbes interaction with the abiotic factor:
                  d. the glucose content effect
                  e. the temperature effect to the pigmentation and growth
                  f. the effect of the pH growth
                  g. the effect of the oxygen to the growth
                  h. the chemical effect to the growth
2. Duplicate liquid cultures 1000 ml
3. Bio indicator approaching to the community (Plankton & Bentos)

Practice 5
Identification: The microbes interaction with the biotic factors
                  a. The Microbes symbiosis with the taller plants
                       (B.radicicola with R.leguminosorum)
                  b. The  antibiosis around the microbes
                      (B.anthracius dengan pseudomonas aeruginosa)
                  c. The antibiosis around the microbes
                       (E.coli with E.coli)
                  d. Synergism
Practice 6
  • 1. Duplicating the microbes : the techniques of the breeding microbes
      1. in aerobic (liquid cultures, solid cultures)                                                                                             
      2. in anaerobic (demonstration)
            2. Checking the water
            a. E.coli as  bio indicator
            b. Isolation E.Coli with mix cultures
The direct and indirect enumeration
Enumerasi langsung dan tidak langsung

Practice 7
Checking Water

            c. The coloring microbes
            d. The result of the checking water demonstration

The Microbes Quantitation
  • a. The direct quantitation with the Neubauer Hemacytometer
  • b. Cup Calculation
Practice 8
The making of the growing curves
  • a. with a direction calculation
  • b. spectrophotometer calculation

Praktikum 9
Roles of the microbes in nitrogen cycles on the ground
  • a. Nitrogen Fixation
  • b. Nitrification
  • c. Denitrification
  • d. Ammonification
Practice 10

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