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Environmental Laboratory


Many studies related to the environmental pollution, including water, air and land pollution whether is about controlling the pollution, handling waste water (IPAL), reserving clean water, liquid rubbish and others must be supported by measuring the accurate pollution parameter.
Measuring will be done to use many tools and the pure chemical substance or call proanalysis (p.a) because we use the chemical parameters. They can only be done at the environmental laboratory even though  there are still some parameters that can be used directly, however there still needs tools and chemical substance provided in the laboratory.
The measurement method for every parameter such as waste water, examples : COD, BOD, TSS, TDS, metal and others can be done in the procedures provided and standardized.
Accuracy needed much in every analysis done, so the result reached is accurate and can be understood clearly. Inaccuracy result can make a wrong decision impact  must be avoided.
In the curriculum of the Environmental Technology Program, students get the theories about the environmental pollution and also need skills to measure or detect the pollution through many tools and analysis parameters done in the laboratory. In this case, at Program of the Environmental Technology provides the Environmental laboratory 1 and II for :

1. Give a lesson and training or practice to the 4th semester students to do the analysis for water sample, air, or liquid waste.
2. Provide the facilities for the Senior students to do a research for their thesis.
3. Serve the people who want to analyze water from the well, waste water from industry, or to know the effectiveness of IPAL there.
4. The Environmental Laboratory also can work with the research institution, from government or private together to have a research related to the pollution.

Tools provided by the Environmental Laboratory are
  • To analyze water
1. Glasses          
2. Analytical Balance
3. Reactor COD
4. BOD Incubator
5. Spectrophotometer
6. Turbidity Meter
7. pH Meter
8. Oven – Furnace
9. Jar Test Unit
10. Others
  • To analyze air
  1. HVS (High Vulume Sampler)
  2. LVS (Low Volume Sampler)
  3. RAC Sampler
  4. Climatology Tools
  5. Vaccum pump - impinger - flowmeter
  6. Sound Level meter
  7. Chromatography Gas
After following the practice in the Environmental Laboratory, students should have skills to analyze with the tools above. So, the students can make a research for their thesis, examples a research how to manage the industrial or domestic waste water, liquid waste, alternative research to handle the air pollution from industry or motor cycles and others.


Practical Evaluation Consists of Some Factors

1. Preparation, consists of discipline  and making journals
2. Have quizzes, do before practice;
3. Practice, consists of skill, accuracy, quickness, tidiness, cleanliness, and worked discipline;
4. Report, it is an assignment and observation results or report, such as technical placement, calculation, discussion and solution.
5. Mid Term Test (written)
6. Final Term Test (written)

For each factor consists of value such as in the table given:
Table 1. Practical Values
Quiz Practice
MID TERM TEST(written)
5 %
7,5 %
25 %
12,5 %
20 %
30 %
Total 100 %

Passing Requirement
Practical students have passed/finished the Environmental Laboratory Practice, if their grade based on the table more than C.
To those who can’t complete the requirement based on the table must repeat until reaching the requirement
1. Before starting every practice, students have to study every practical procedure (study from the practical direction book) that will be tested in short quiz for 15 minutes.
2. Before practicing, students get the briefing about the analyst procedure to every parameter will be measured.
3. Students measure and analyze with assistants
4. Take a note to every observation collected in practice
5. Calculate the experiment practice results from the observation results.
6. Make a report that will be submitted to the next practice.


1. Make an application to the Head of Laboratory with the permission of the Head of the Program and the Thesis Supervisor.
2. After getting an approval from the Head of the Laboratory based on the room availability and equipment, students can start doing the thesis in the laboratory.
3. Students can make a proposal to borrow the equipment from the laboratory staffs.
4. If students need the laboratory out of the working hours or holiday, they should apply the application to the Faculty General Division to get the agreement from the Dean.
5. Students should return back or pay for the damaged equipment to the staffs after the research has been finished, clean the equipment and the place for the research provided in the laboratory.

1ST Environmental Laboratory Practice Materials
Returning water sample, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Colors, Turbidity, Voltage (DHL), Acidity, Alkaline, Hardness, Sulfate, Phosphate, Ammonium, Nitrate, BOD, COD, DO, Organic KMnO4, Oil and Fat, Detergent, Active Carbon Adsorb, and Jar Test.

2nd Environmental Laboratory Practice Materials
Meteorology Measuring, Particular, Sulfur Dioxide, Oxide Nitrogen, Oxidant, Ammonia, Sulfide Hydrogen, Non Active Resource, Active Resource, Spreading Air Pollution Computer Model, Road Traffic Noise, Airport Noise, and analyze some liquid waste parameter (Water Content, Total Mineral, pH and Total Nitrogen)
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