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Library Division from Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Technology
Library Division of FALT L – Trisakti University is a part of work units which handle collecting, managing, saving and maintaining also  borrowing and taking the references as the important source of information to develop science and increase to a learning process at Faculty of Landscape Architecture  and Environmental Technology. FATL Library has responsibility  to manage and maintain the information resources  so it can be used effectively by students and lecturers around FALTL – Usakti.

FALTL – Usakti Library is located atBuilding K, 5th floor, Campus A which has 96 m2 and managed by one library officer and 1 administration staff.

Library Collections from Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Technology consist of :
1. Books (textbooks, handbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, standards etc) which are 3800 titles, 5100 exemplars.                                                                                        
2. Journal and science magazines which have been installed or rewarded  around 20 titles.
3. Thesis around 1500 titles and 1500 exemplars.
4. CD Collections from books, journals etc around 100 pieces.

The library collections consist of various kinds of knowledge which include education, teaching, and research in Landscape Architecture, Environmental Technology and Planology Technology fields.

The library uses the  Open Access Systems which is possible for visitors to access the information, references from library’s book racks. The books arranged in the rack  use a Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) edition 22, 2003. The services you can take from the library are :
a. Borrowing Service
    Borrowing books just for students, lecturers, FALTL staffs – Usakti. The books can be brought home are textbooks that consist of more than one.
b. Photocopy Order Service
    The library provides the duplicated order service to the visitors need at FALTL library.
c. Online CD-ROM Service
   Online CD-ROM Service is browsing service and providing information such as science periodic journals in CD – ROM from Central Library USAKTI. CD – ROM indexes/abstracts can be  accessed from Faculty Library.

Only students, lecturers or FATL staffs can be the members of the library. To be a member, you should complete an application form to activate the membership that enclosed by 1 (one) piece identity copy and 2 (two) pieces picture 2 x 3 cm to be submitted to the Central Library Usakti (Building M. Lt 3).

The membership can be cancelled if:
1. Not a student of FALTL – Usakti anymore
2.  A student has graduated
3. A student withdraws
4. A dropped out student
5. A library member disobeys the regulation stated
A. Opening Time
            Library opens every work hour with the rules below:
Monday – Thursday
Open   : 08.00 – 20.00
Break   : 12.00 – 13.00
Friday :
Open   : 08.00 – 20.00
b. Regulation for Visitors
  • For safety,  every visitor isn’t allowed to bring bags, maps, and jackets to the collection rooms. Lockers provided.
  • Every visitor must fill the library guest lists through computer provided.
  • Every library room is a reading and studying place. Every visitor must keep silent, discipline and maintain the library clean.
  • Every visitor isn’t allowed to eat, drink, and smoke in the library room
  • Visitors who disobey the rules, will be put out from the library room.

The Rules to borrow
1. The Procedures to borrow
  • Every student of FALTL becomes the member automatically
  • The borrowed books should be submitted to the staffs to be processed and will be stamped for the limited time
  • The borrowed books will be responsibility for the borrower and can’t be borrowed to others.
 2. Total borrowed books
A library member can borrow books 2 (two) pieces totally for a normal student and 4 (four) pieces for a lecture or student who is finishing his thesis.

3. Limited Borrowed Time        
  • For a student the borrowed period is 7 days. If there is no request from  others, it can be continued again  not more than 1 (one).
  • For Usakti staffs (lecturers, and administration staffs)  they can borrow not more than twice by telling the circulation staffs.
  • Thesis/Disertation and reference collections (handbooks, dictionary, encyclopedia, etc) can’t be borrowed and can only be copied.
  • Penalties will be given to those who return lately from the time given Rp 500/book a day.
  • Lateness for  15 (fifteen) days can get a written reminder beside the penalties, if there is no action, the membership can be canceled.
  • The lost and damaged books must be changed with the same books, or can be changed with the price three times more than the right price.
  • The penalties rules are available for all library members.
 5. Free To Borrow
For the students who are in pre-judicium must have the letter of free of borrowing book provided by the faculty library, then signed and given number by the central library.

Head of  UPTF Library                :  Tri Yuniarti, S.Sos
Library Staff Staf  Perpustakaan  :  K. Yuantini
To find the information from library FALTL collections you can click to http://www/

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